A Bold Title

Throwaway thoughts

6/28/2020 7:42:20 PM

The writing goes here.

Another Post
6/26/2020 5:34:48 PM

This is a good candidate for another test post. We have already implemented Markdown. Which is super cool. We don't have to worry about all those HTML conversion shenanigans.

And here is another line. <br> and the like are always things that annoy me about HTML.

Now with another line.

Last one I promise. I lied. I think it works now.

A great blog is born
6/21/2020 9:01:02 PM

The first time is often something that you don't want to remember. Well, this post is like that. There will be ablsolutely no relevant information in this post. I don't even think we can do line breaks yet.

This is a test of line break. See. It didn't work. Let's imagine it worked because eventually I'll fix that bug. Or it's already fixed and you will never know.

The Pope wears a funny hat.

There will not be anything great about this blog.

Blog blog.

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